Get ready to launch into the hilarious high-stakes universe of "Pump & Dump," the only game where your meme dreams can rocket to riches or plummet to pennies! Strap in for a wild ride in this MemeCoin game that pokes fun at the rollercoaster world of internet currencies.

The Gameplay:

PUMP Phase: Start by scouting the swap page for our MemeCoin of the week—this fleeting financial phenom is just itching to soar. Catch? The start time for buying is a secret! Stay glued to the screen because when the gates open, it's a mad dash to buy at rock-bottom prices. Remember, selling is off-limits during this manic phase, and as more players buy in, the prices shoot up following an exponential curve. Once we hit a set supply cap, we slam the brakes on buying.

DUMP Phase: This is where the chaos really kicks in. Only randomly selected wallets get the green light to sell during a frantic 15-minute window. Sell fast or risk getting stuck with duds. Early birds might make a killing, but latecomers could see their stash evaporate. This cycle spins on repeat, with wallet after wallet given a shot at selling, until the MemeCoin runs dry. Every game wraps up with the retirement of that week’s MemeCoin, making way for a fresh one—perhaps even designed by you, the community!

What’s in It for You? Laugh all the way to the bank! The memes must be purchased with our game's currency, BASE, which we modestly tax to fund our vault, ultimately boosting the BASE’s value for everyone. It’s a win-win... unless you crash and burn.

So, are you ready to pump or prepared to dump? Join "Pump & Dump," where fortunes are made in jest and lost in laughter!

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